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Naveen is a visual development artist with over 10 years experience in illustration , game and movie concept art . He is currently based in Los Angeles and is working at DreamWorks Animation. 


Naveen was born in India , where he grew up ,always interested in art. After finishing his under graduation in engineering , he worked as an animator in India for 3 years before moving to San Francisco in late 2007 to pursue his formal art education.


Naveen finished his masters in fine art at Academy of Art university in 2011 and started working  as a concept artist at Disney Interactive Studios. In early 2014, Naveen moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream career as visual development artist for feature animation.In his 3 years at Sony Picture Animation , Naveen worked on movies such as Spiderman into the Spiderverse, Hotel Transylvania 3, Smurfs- The Lost Village, The Emoji Movie.He is currently working on the movie Puss in Boots-II at Dreamworks Feature Animation Studios .  

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